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On behalf of the Copper Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc., its members and Board of Directors, welcome to the community website. This brief summary of information has been designed to provide you with a quick overview of the Association's operations, amenity access and general services. You will also find a listing of Quick Reference Numbers for community services. If you are a new neighbor to Copper Lakes, we extend a special welcome to you.

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    *Note: The cable company is determined by the section in which you live. There is competitive effort by these respective cable companies and, regrettably, the property owners will have to contact both companies to determine which services their address. There are no maps available to-date depicting service areas.

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  • What is the Copper Lakes Homeowners Association
    Copper Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc. (the 'Association') has been formed as a means of assuring the continued maintenance and upkeep of the Copper Lakes subdivision, as well as to provide for the enforcement of deed restrictions and to ultimately protect property values.

    Copper Lakes is located in Harris County. It is governed by recorded restrictions which provide for use limitations, determination and collection of annual maintenance fees. In addition, the restrictions outline the duties and responsibilities of the Association, as well as each Owner.

    Copper Lakes is located in an unincorporated part of Harris County. As such, certain services normally provided by a city are not available unless they are paid for directly and/or incorporated into the maintenance fees. The Association assists in the administration of certain services, if agreed to and deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors managing the Association. Services provided through the Association are not an obligation of the Association; rather, the Association (through its governing documents) has the option to provide them if it so desires. Specific services presently provided through your Association maintenance fee are street lights; general liability insurance (and related insurance as required for physical properties); administration; pool and landscape maintenance; lake maintenance; deed restriction enforcement; utility costs relating to water, sewer, and sprinkler; maintenance and repair of all physical assets; and provision for appropriate reserves for the long-term repair and/or replacement of such assets.

    Your Board of Directors has hired a professional community association management firm, Planned Community Management, Inc. ('PCMI'), to handle the day-to-day administrative affairs of the Association. PCMI provides financial services, billing and receipting of maintenance fees; serves as the central office for the members and records of the Association; inspects the community for deed restriction enforcement; receives and logs all architectural review applications for committee review and approval; and administers all inquiries, compliments and/or concerns of Association members. PCMI also serves as the liaison between the Board of Directors and all contractors serving the Association. Any questions and/or correspondence regarding Copper Lakes Homeowners Association should be sent to:

    Planned Community Management, Inc.
    P. O. Box 219223
    Houston, Texas 77218
    (281) 870-0585
    Your Administrative Manager is Angela Bumann
    Click here to e-mail Angela

    PCMI's office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Although the Association's contract with PCMI does not prescribe physical on-site management, its’ staff is available to assist you in the day-to-day operations of the Association.

    The Annual Meeting provides each member the opportunity to become involved in the operations of the community, as well as to acquaint him/herself with directors and other members. This meeting is ordinarily held in October each year.

    In order to maintain a good standing with your Association, maintenance fees must be paid on time each year, and the property should not be in violation of the rules, regulations and/or deed restrictions. Maintenance fee billings are issued each year in advance of the due date of January 1st, to provide the Owner a statement of the fees due. Residents not in 'good standing' will be unable to use the community amenities until their account is current.

    A number of times during the year the HOA emails two neighborhood directory reports to Copper Lakes residents that have signed-up for them. You can request these by sending an email to, and in the subject line enter “Directory request”. In addition you must supply in the main body of the email your full name, as some email addresses do not necessarily convey your name. We also need your name to verify that you are a genuine Copper Lakes resident. This email address will be used to send you the directory reports in Adobe PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To amend or change any details in the reports send the changes to the above email address, or by downloading the “'Directory Form' and sending it in.

    For more information, click Copper Lakes By Laws
  • Recreational Amenities
    Residents of Copper Lakes have access to the community pools, tennis courts, lakes, trails and several community parks. We are proud of the many common areas and services available to residents. We hope you will enjoy these areas and ask that you help maintain the appearance of these areas by removing trash and reporting any concerns or misuse to PCMI. In order to utilize the pool or tennis courts, you must have an access card available by completing the request form. Also, please review the rules for use of these areas.

    To obtain your access cards, please complete the Amenity Registration and Indemnification form and mail to PCMI. Your access cards will be returned to you by mail within five (5) working days from the date received by PCMI. There is no initial charge for access cards, however, in the event a replacement card is needed, the cost will be $25.00 per card.
    Click here for Access Card Application

    Your access card will permit entry to the pool during the swimming season, and will only function on the pools gate when a lifeguard is on duty.

    The access card will also permit entry to the tennis courts during hours of operation as controlled by the light timers, which are adjusted seasonally. The main timer is scheduled to shut-off by 11:00 p.m. in the summer months and 10:00 p.m. in the winter months.

    Copper Lakes 2014 Pool Schedule

    Tennis Rules // CL Longenbaugh Pool Rules // CL West Rd Pool Rules // General Pool Party Policy
  • Deed Restrictions
    Each Owner (and/or his tenant) has agreed to abide by the recorded deed restrictions as a result of the purchase of the property. The deed restrictions run with the land and are the obligation of each Owner. In the event a tenant resides on the property, the Owner remains responsible for any and all actions of their tenant. An inspection of the community is performed routinely for the benefit of noting any violations which are visible. The enforcement procedures for deed restriction violations are outlined through a policy adopted by the Board of Directors. Copper Lakes Homeowners Association is committed to the enforcement of the deed restrictions for the benefit of enhancement of quality of life, as well as the protection of property values. Should you encounter any problems with deed restrictions, please take the time to write a letter regarding the situation to PCMI at the above address.
    For a complete listing, click here Deed Restrictions

  • Architectural Review Process and Guidelines
    IMPORTANT! Prior to making any change to the exterior of your home, each Owner is obligated to first submit an application for architectural review which shall include drawings, specifications, description of materials to be used, and a lot survey which is marked to indicate the location of such proposed improvements. Any and all exterior improvements require architectural approval, i.e., without limitation, exterior paint, swimming pool, storage building, sprinkler system, landscape renovation, etc. This information will first be logged in the Association records and forwarded to the Architectural Review Committee and/or its designated representative for appropriate review. Thereafter, the Committee has thirty (30) days to complete the review and provide a written response to the applicant. NO IMPROVEMENTS AND/OR MODIFICATIONS ARE APPROVED, NOR SHALL ANY WORK COMMENCE, PRIOR TO RECEIPT OF SUCH WRITTEN APPROVAL. To begin any improvement and/or modification prior to completion of the application process may result in an expense to you for the removal, reconstruction, and/or relocation of your improvement. A Request for Approval to Modify Property form is attached to this package.

    To review the Copper Lakes ARC Guidelines, click ARC Guidelines

    Additional information can be found here.

    To download the application form, click ARC Application Form

    Exterior modifications should be submitted to PCMI to:
  • Emergency Services
    If you have a fire, life or death situation, or a crime in progress, you should dial 911. When you call 911, your phone number and address will automatically appear on the dispatcher's screen and the proper unit will be dispatched. All other problems should be directed to the Harris County Sheriff's Department at (713) 221-6000.
  • Trash Collection
    WCA Waste is the trash contractor. At present, the cost for trash removal is included in the annual maintenance fee paid to the Association. Pick-up days are currently scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday. To start or stop trash pickup at your home, call WCA Waste at (281) 368-8397. All trash must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. -- or the contractor is not obligated to return. Although the truck may not be on-site by 7:00 a.m., please bear in mind that we are obligated to have trash at the curb by that time. In order to maintain the appearance of your neighborhood, please return trash containers to their storage area as soon as possible after pick-up. If you will be away overnight, consider asking a neighbor to remove the container for you.
    Should you question whether or not a particular item can be picked up, call WCA Waste . In the event your trash pick-up day falls on a holiday, all trash will be picked up on the next regularly scheduled pick-up day. No trash pick-up will be made on the day following a holiday, unless it is a regularly scheduled pick-up day.
  • Did you miss the last Homeowners Association meeting, but would like to know what's going on? This is the place to check the Minutes and stay up to date!
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